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An aromatic cheese from the Champagne-Ardenne region.  Sold in the market town of Langres (where it takes its name) this cheese almost disappeared in the 20th-century but has been revived with traditional recipes.

Similar to more famous ‘washed-rind’ cheeses, such as Epoisses and Munster, it is brushed with the local eau-de-vie (grape brandy): Marc de Bourgogne.  This causes the characteristic orange bacteria to develop on the rind and break down the lactic, chalky core to give a rich, sumptuous cream-line and deep flavour.

At The Courtyard Dairy the Langres is washed with Marc de Bourgogne additional times to intensify the flavour.  Aged eight weeks, it is creamy and sumptuous, with a slight alcoholic note.

The dimple in the top is caused by the fact it is only turned once in production, so has a tendency to sag in the middle.

langres 180g

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