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This week's choice is one of our original favourites from when we first started in markets and popups in East London. Drunken Burt is a soft, washed-rind cheese made by Claire Burt in Cheshire. It starts life as a blue cheese but crucially it doesn't get pierced (the part of the cheese making process that encourages the blue growth) and then it's washed in a local cider, hence the name 'Drunken Burt'. 

The flavour is slightly smoky from the cider wash with a saltiness from the connection to blue cheese but only subtle hints of typical blue cheese flavour. A creamy texture works really well with the smoky flavour and Drunken Burt pairs really well with cider or a fruity IPA. Light crackers add an ideal crunch. If you're a fan of baking cheese then Baby Drunken Burt bakes really well but remember to put it in a suitable oven proof dish before baking as it goes really gooey.

Drunken Burt Cheese (200g)

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