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54 Streatham Hill, SW2 4RD




                       WE ARE CROWDFUNDING AT



SPREAD THE LOVE: Pledge £10 or more: A huge thank you from Batch, a hug from Jen (Jen really is not known to give out free hugs either :P ) & a shout out on social media


SMALL COFFEE ADDICT:Pledge £15 or more: Every day for a week your get a free cup of regular coffee or pot of our award winning loose leaf tea

ECO WARRIOR:Pledge £28 or more. Limited Edition Batch & Co ECoffee cup + Limited edition bag of Batch & co/Caravan Coffee beans

BRUNCH LOVER: Pledge £30 or more: Our famous Avo Smash on our award winning organic sourdough plus 1 topping, any regular coffee and a bucks fizz for you and a friend

BATCH & CO + CARAVAN COFFEE LOVER: Pledge £40 or more: A limited edition Batch & Co/Caravan bag of coffee beans + Limited edition Batch & Co print plus limited edition Batch & Co Tote bag (only available till we sell out of coffee, will be available Aug 2019 only)

AFTERNOON TEA & PROSECCO LOVER Pledge £50 or more: Afternoon Tea for 2. 2 pots of our specialty tea, A bottle of prosecco, a selection of our pastries (both savoury & sweet), cakes, scones & clotted cream.....yum!

· LAUNCH PARTY FAN Pledge £65 or more: An invite to Batch & Co launch party, which will include music, complimentory drinks & nibbles + A name on our thank you wall & website (limited availability)

MEDIUM COFFEE ADDICT Pledge £60 or more: Every day for a month you can have any regular Free cup of coffee or a pot of loose leaf tea. Thats 31 cups of our exceptional coffee :)

BARISTA WANNABE Pledge £130 or more: A private Introduction to barista course for you & a friend with Jen & our Head Barista


HOME COFFEE GEEK Pledge £120: A make it at home coffee kit. Includes a limited edition single origin Batch & Co/Caravan bag of coffee, Porlex mini hand grinder, Aeropress coffee maker, Brewista smart pour kettle, V60, V60 filters & a Batch & Co tote bag to keep it all in. (Also free tips from our Head Barista or Jen on how to get the best out of your kit)(limited to 2 :)


BIG COFFEE ADDICT Pledge £230 or more: Every day for 3 months you can have any regular Free cup of coffee or a pot of loose leaf tea. Thats 93 cups of exceptional coffee or tea :)


BATCH & CO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Pledge £350 or more: 15 percent off of all drinks & food for 1 year at all Batch & Co sites plus your name on our special thank you wall & website & a limited edition branded ECoffee an invite to one of our VIP coffee or cocktails tastings.

PARTY + CAKE ADDICT Pledge £400 or more: Private hire of Batch & Co for one night for you & 40 guests. Includes a member of staff to serve drinks etc & unlimited free coffee for the night plus one of our bakeries Celebratory Cakes made just for you.

MASSIVE COFFEE ADDICT Pledge £750 or more: 365 regular cups of coffee, which is one a day for a year.