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Estela is a second-generation coffee farmer, and her farm Yulimox (Translating in the local Popti language as “Inside the Mountain”) sits in the volcanic region of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Huehue coffees are famed for their bright and lively acidities, stunning complexity and balanced sweetness, and this lot from Estela is no exception.

The farm sits at 1700 meters near the town of Concepción Huista. To ensure the best possible quality, Estela will complete three picking passes over her coffee trees during the harvest, picking only the ripest coffee cherries.

Picking only ripe cherries and using intentioned practices during processing and drying ensure that the inherent qualities of the Huehue terroir and her hard work in maintaining the farm are fully expressed in her coffee.

Once picked, the cherries are immediately de-pulped in small batches using a hand de-pulper, and fermented in cold water for 48 hours to loosen the mucilage. The cold nights in Huehue temper the speed and intensity of fermentation, allowing a rich complexity of flavour to arise whilst keeping a clean cup profile.



This year we're offering Estela's coffee as a single origin espresso, as it has a wonderful creaminess and balanced acidity which lend well to this brew method. We’ve been pulling shots with the following recipe – 18g in, 38g out, with shot times from 30-33s. In milk, expect notes of apple pie and custard


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